Audiovisual production for Prével, real estate developer of Montreal’s Lowney and Lowney sur ville.
– Audiovisual production
– Graphic animation
– Post-production


– Real estate
– Architecture

– Urban development


Prével is a real estate developer. For 40 years, the Quebec group has contributed to urban development and the built heritage by increasing access to home ownership and creating environments that promote human interaction.

In 2017, Prével wanted to celebrate the successful completion of the Lowney sur ville project, a flagship project for the company and the city of Montreal. For its first Lowney, Prével transformed a former chocolate factory into a residential project. The final Lowney project now has 15 phases and is composed of nearly 1,700 condos.

Photos: courtoisie of Prével – Griffintown is a vibrant neighborhood in Montreal, known for its proximity to the city’s downtown core and characterized by a mix of old factories, historic buildings and modern condo developments.
UPPL was mandated to create videos that mark Prével’s important milestones and reinforce a sense of pride and accomplishment with the company’s employees and investors. The in-house Prével brand videos tell the story of the Lowney and its avant-garde character. Through archive imagery we see the evolution of spaces and the revitalization of the abandoned industrial district.
Signed by Prével and realized in collaboration with the Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ and Cardinal-Hardy (architects), the Lowney innovated by optimizing spaces within each unit.
To communicate the essence of the Lowney, we captured the vision of the founders and met with the owners who live there. We illustrated the different phases of the development through archive images, graphic animations, drone footage as well as evocative images that combine with relevant interviews and anecdotes.
To tie this mosaic of views together, we addressed four major themes that are at the heart of Lowney’s identity: home ownership, community, design functionality, and finally, Griffintown’s revitalization.

Prével : Lowney, la renaissance d’un quartier Montréalais

Prével : l’art de vivre à Griffintown