Going further

is at the heart

of what we do

UPPL is the acronym of “Un Peu Plus Loin” — a French phrase that translates to “a bit further.” Founded in 2015, we create value, build strong companies and brands, and grow engaged and inspired audiences across platforms.

We are storytellers with a deep experience and understanding of all things digital

Our team specializes in content, strategic planning, storytelling, e-commerce, website development, publishing, marketing, production and design.

Areas of Activity

– Commerce
– Real Estate
– Education
– Artificial Intelligence
– Health & Wellness

– Retail & Fashion
– TV & Entertainment
– Media
– Art & Culture
– Tourism

– Finance
– Technology
– Creative Industries
– Hospitality
– Interior design

The Founder

With over 14 years of experience in the creative industries, Tamy’s plurality is her greatest asset; enabling her to implement cross-sectional strategies that are ahead of the curve.
A manager with strong interpersonal and organizational capabilities, she has been an editor for The Huffington Post (AOL) and a field producer for Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover (Travel Channel) and Parts Unknown (CNN). She has collaborated with Oxfam, World Press Photo, L’Oréal Paris, C2MTL, Global Citizen, Vice, Air Canada, W Hotels and SXSW to name a few.
Tamy is a graduate of McGill University, where she received a BA in Cultural Studies, later attending Leeds University in Broadcast Journalism and Communications. In 2018, she received a Certificate of Achievement from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Leadership and Change Management.

The Team

Michael Karras

 Chief Financial Officer

Lea Mei Jodoin

Graphic Designer

Gregory Sadestky

Chief Technology Officer

Jasmine Carpentier

Web Developper

The Collaborators

– Dior Sow
– Sarah Bilson
– Tania Fines

– Maria Mariano
– Stephen Burks
– Malika Leiper
– Guillaume Clave
– Clement Lavedan
– Eren Kapakili
– Elise Legault
– Xenia Sarapoff
– Viva Gélinas
– Lara Emond
– Juliette Moal
– Solène Lautridou
– Jessica Dryme
– Julia Kidder
– Oumayma Tanfous
– Laura Black
– Philip Hershman