Launched a global marketplace and positioned it as a destination for good impact, good people and good design.

In 2018, UPPL was approached to create a brand strategy for Goodee World, a new global marketplace for ethical consumers, founded by Canadian twins and entrepreneurs Byron and Dexter Peart.

From inception, we created a blueprint and provided them with a framework that is still being used today and that generated a cohesive and continuous space for them to build on. Our work was deployed through 3 main areas and provided a structure that pays dividends to the brand and its stakeholders today.



UPPL created the roadmap for a business articulated around sustainability, commerce, content, products and experiences. We developed the brand’s tone and visual identity, designed an information system, as well as the overarching strategic framework and content pillars that not only helped launch Goodee, but provide it the structure that gives it legs to attract collaborators, partners and consumers.


Unearthing, telling, and producing unique stories about “Good People doing Good Things”

Content drives commerce. As new electronic and physical thresholds were created between e-commerce and more traditional bricks and mortar establishments, we asked ourselves how a brand like Goodee — home of good people, good design and good impact — stand out? UPPL developed concepts as well as a content approach and formats to shine light on the people, processes and motivators behind the products carried in the Goodee marketplace.

We produced articles from around the world, connecting each partner company to social, environmental and economic causes, and telling the stories of the brands in an authentic, thoughtful way. We further developed the narrative for Goodee's own line of brand products, and increased brand trust by producing hero stories for Goodee's United Nations pillow line, as well the KOTN hoodie.

“We saw an opportunity to reuse the old to create something new”

- “Old Toys Spark New Joy”, a brand product story presenting EcoBirdy to the Goodee consumer.


UPPL coined and identified a transcultural demographic that would feel a strong sense of belonging and emotionally relate to Goodee as their home. To reach them, we developed a network of cultural actors across industries and locales, thereby creating a pipeline and positioning Goodee as the platform for good people, good design and good impact. We developed a cohesive content program and concepts, sourced original storylines, and produced multimedia stories for all channels, exploring design, well-being and community from the level of the mind, the home and the planet.


Early on, UPPL envisioned an ecosystem where transcultural and ethical consumers could converge and navigate seamlessly through content, products and experiences. The strategy and community that UPPL built at day 1 continue to thrive, allowing the Goodee brand to grow and develop new territories that are all derived from the initial structure, strategy, roadmap and original concepts provided by UPPL.

Our work has informed Goodee's business culture, leadership, best-selling product decisions, as well as inspired future ideas and development, propelling the Goodee brand, its growing community and its stakeholders forward.

Enabling Goodee World to find its voice, relevance and audience by building narratives across business, editorial, digital, video, social, experiential and commercial platforms.


  • Market research
  • Insights
  • Customer journey
  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Concepts & formats
  • Production
  • Creative direction
  • Community architecture
  • Copywriting
  • Image production
  • Licensing
  • Social media
  • Influencers
  • Thought leadership


  • E-commerce
  • Sustainable development
  • Design
  • Retail
  • Media
  • Technology