An Updated Visual Identity for UPPL.
UPPL concepton de logo
It is with great pleasure and renewed inspired action that we share our new visual identity. UPPL is a full-service creative firm. Our company was established in Canada in 2016 with a commitment to service organizations with media needs ranging from business strategy, television production and digital content, branding and graphic design, ideation and advertising, visual campaigns and merchandising, as well as internal communications and fundraising campaigns.
Although we showcase a new visual identity today, our conviction remains that storytelling, insights and design hold keys to help us truly co-create more beautiful and sustainable worlds.
Being an intergenerational, multicultural and multidisciplinary company, we developed a flexible system design composed of shapes, typographies and a color palette that embody our youthful joy and grownup gravitas. Our rebrand was a deep dive into our foundational fabric and the diversity of threads that weave together to reveal our identity. UPPL’s new look is more colorful and playful.
We were also intentional about designing modular elements that carry our company through time.
UPPL Branding
World Map
The World Map projection illustrates UPPL’s global network. It represents connection and an inclusive broad-perspective approach.
UPPL Branding

Scale Bar

The Scale Bar is a symbol to our testament to stay curious, explore and surpass our limits while designing, and to measure our progress.
UPPL Branding


The Arch, universal in nature, is used to communicate hope and discovery, as well as our founding mission to bridge cultures and manufactured divides.
UPPL brand guidelines
UPPL Papeterie