Brand strategy and content production for Goodee World, an online marketplace offering sustainable home goods.
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In 2018, Canadian entrepreneurs Byron and Dexter Peart, known for their brand WANT les Essentiels, embarked on a new mission. With the intention of launching and developing relevant and sustainable brands, they founded Goodee World.

The design-focused e-commerce platform stands out by working exclusively with artisans and products with a positive impact.
The strategy
In 2018, while Goodee was still in its inception, UPPL was tasked to develop a brand strategy for Goodee World. With sustainability, diversity, and community in mind, we worked on the brand tone, the positioning, the visual identity, the information architecture, and the content strategy.
While accompanying them through their startup phase, UPPL developed a comprehensive content program with various concepts that we then produced.
Focusing on the product, the community, and the impact, the strategy’s success shines through Goodee’s growth and the investors’ returns. Today, Goodee still uses the foundations we’ve established to produce their digital content.

The product

As e-commerce was booming and traditional retail thresholds were challenged, we asked ourselves how does a company like Goodee stand out?

Since the company offers a selection of unique products that meet the criterias of sustainability, quality, and design, we decided to let the products speak for themselves.

We looked for the people behind the products and traced back the steps leading to their creations.
We wrote about brands from across the globe, unearthing new storylines and bringing them to light authentically and thoughtfully.
We covered partnerships between Goodee and the Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI), a programme of the International Trade Centre – a joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation – for the launch of their handmade cushions. We also produced origin stories connecting Goodee to the Canadian-Egyptian brand KOTN, in the context of their hoodie collaboration, one of the platform’s best-selling products.

The community

Through articles and multimedia content created by UPPL, we established trust and a sense of belonging among consumers. By addressing topics such as design, wellness and art, we built a transcultural community based on shared interests and values. It’s simple: Good design, good people, and good impact.
Following this approach, we developed an international network of artists, cultural influencers, artisans, and brands.
Our work influenced Goodee’s corporate culture and leadership. Through this project, we created opportunities for diverse creatives and collaborated with design brands around the world.
In addition, we told stories that promote social, economic and environmental causes. In sum, our work informed the creation and development of a global market that allows people with common values to have a destination to trade.

Some of our strategic partnerships

– Baba Tree
– EcoBirdy
– Phi Center

– Ethical Fashion Initiative


– Frama

– Golden Editions

– Haeckels

– Nana Marquina

– Reixue

– Skagerak

– Teixidors

– The Skateroom
– Viso

– Whitney Museum